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10 High TF, Niche Relevant and Permanent Home Page PBN Links

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These are some of the very strongest links (Permanent Home Page PBN Links)  that you can get for your web site as they have very strong metrics (so high Trustflow and Domain Authority etc), are from web sites in your general niche and they always stay on the home page. So niche relevant links always do much better than links from general web sites or sites in different niches as search engines use that niche relevancy to decide on what your site is about and as these sites have such strong metrics they also pass a great deal of authority. And then the fact that they stay on the home page is also super powerful as normally a blog post is linked to from the home page for only a small amount of time and so in that time they pass much more power as the home page of a web site has much more power as most links that the site has go to the home page. So once the post is no longer linked to from the home page (blogs usually link to a set amount of their most recent posts like five or ten so once that amount of new posts have been published your post will no longer be linked to from the home page) it will have much less power in terms of 'link juice' and so with these posts always having links on the home page and the number of posts on the site being limited to a small amount then your links will always have a great deal of power. The links are also built in an as natural way as it possible and so I vary the anchor text a great deal and avoid using too many keywords (if you do want me to use keywords then I'll very them a great deal as it's not safe to use the same keyword in several links). I also include another relevant but non-competing link in each post and so they are very natural looking posts. And I now also offer a very large diversity package of links which would give a much larger amount and variety of links and so if you have few links in your back link profile that is an excellent option. It would give around 200 links and includes some strong links too and so is very effective at giving some ranking improvement and also making your back link profile look natural due to the large amount of brand links and the variety of links.

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