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Your online shop (chatbot functionalities with your Facebook) is digital shop and there is day and somewhere there is night, customer can come from anywhere and these chatbot are helpful to handle them. These bots can help you in different ways, like FAQ Bot for Whatsapp, or Facebook, skype,. Slack, and integrations on other websites, Appointment Scheduler, Survey Chabot, etc. These chatbot are Artificial intelligence based and it recognize texts and voice form customers , manipulate data and answer them accordingly 24/7, as a real human, whenever customer visit your website. I use Node’s but python can also be used. Database is connected with firebase and clouding means your data is saved, It gets orders from your business itself and also provide customer services and I will do everything for you. Why chatbots are best for marketing? It increases up to 80-90% in comparison to email’s 20-30% open rates It create lead generations Book appointments and also set them in colander for reminder. It is useful for socially media platform to edge your business. If you want to save your time and energy and have a presence 24/7, just place your order with 100% satisfaction work. The portfolio is in the images.Regards

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