Create top level erc20 token on Ethereum blockchain

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We will create the coolest thing in tech nowadays: your very own TOP-LEVEL customised ERC20 Token.

What exactly can you do with an ERC20 Token?

You can do many great things, and just to name a few:

✓ you can trade it on Exchanges (we can help you with that - see add-on below)
✓ you can start your own ICO/IEO crowdsale and sell tokens to anyone interested
✓ or you can simply use it for developing your own projects

We can also make a custom ERC20 token where you can distribute some portion of tokens to all the token holders.

How awesome is that?

Free Bonus: We will send you the source code in a separate file and verify the token’s contract source on

***** UPDATE: Due to the increasing gas fees on Ethereum, we can no longer afford to include the smart contract creation fee in the offer price. This will be paid separately as per current rate. *****

Please contact us before placing your order to discuss your task requirements!

We are on stop solution for all your cryptocurrency queries, we can provide solution to any task related to cryptocurrency and token launch, also do ICO website and decentralized applications based on your token or smart contract.
If you have any questions, please message and we will get back to you asap.

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