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Are your clients reporting that your emails are ending up in spam / junk boxes? Do you want to get a higher proportion of emails delivered to the right place - the main inbox? Do you need help with improving deliverability? If so, this offer is for you.

I'm a professional, UK-based IT consultant, server administrator and web developer and have been for over two decades. I regularly troubleshoot email issues for clients and help them improve their messages' deliverability.

I will:

- Get info from you about the various platforms which send email on your business's domain, e.g. day-to-day email, your website, email marketing platform, transactional email platform, and CRM system

- Make sure that they are all authorised to send email via your domain's SPF record

- Get your domain's DKIM record up and running, where supported

- Add DMARC to your domain to track how your recipients' email servers are dealing with emails from your domain

- Check your website to make sure it is sending its emails in a way which is more likely to get them delivered to proper inboxes

- If you run the server/VPS that your website or email runs on, make sure it is set up in a way which helps receiving email servers trust it

- Report back to you on what was achieved

There are some things to bear in mind:

- Improving email deliverability is not like flicking a switch. It's rarely an overnight success! After my work, you won't start seeing 100% of your emails appearing in inboxes and no spam/junk delivery or rejections. But, if your email setup is currently very non-compliant (e.g. no SPF / DKIM etc) you should start to see some improvements quite quickly. I will report back on what I've achieved alongside sending your invoice. Then' it's a case of receiving-end servers building up their trust for your emails over time.

- Some hosting companies do not allow websites to send using the "better" authenticated method, so whether or not I can do anything with your website depends on what they do and don't allow

- To use DMARC, you need to sign up to a DMARC statistics provider who will collect all the reports from servers around the world. Alternatively, you can choose to receive the reports yourself but there will be a lot of them and, if you're not familiar with them, they might be fairly meaningless

The price is based on one domain. Further domains can be added through this page.

Get in touch to discuss your needs or click the button to order now.

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