Setup a perfect Postfix Mail server with multiple domains,SPF

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CentOS: Postfix Mail Server with Virtual Users and Multiple Domains + SPF

What You Get

1. Web based system administration
2. Unlimited number of domains
3. Virtual mail users without the need for shell accounts
4. Domain specific user names
5. Mailbox quotas
6. Web access to email accounts
7. Web base interface to change user passwords
8. IMAP and POP3 support
9. SMTP Authentication for secure relaying
10. SSL for transport layer security
11. Strong SPAM filtering
12. Anti-Virus filtering
13. SPF record for your domains.

In our setup:

1. Postfix Mail Transfer Agent receives emails via the SMTP protocol and delivers them to different places on your hard disk.

2. MySQL database server stores the information to control the behavior of postfix. It knows about users, domains, email forwarding and passwords.

3. Dovecot: a POP and IMAP server that manages local mail directories and allows users to log in and download their mail. It also handles user authentication.

4. Postfix Admin: a web front end for administering mail users and domains.

5. amavisd-new: a manager for organizing various antivirus and spam checking content filters.

6. SpamAssassin: for sniffing out spam in emails.

7. Clam AntiVirus: a virus detection suite.

As a system hosts more and more domains and users, it becomes less desirable to give every user their own Linux system account.With the Postfix virtual mailbox delivery agent, every recipient address can have its own virtual mailbox. It is best to transfer all domains into virtual mailboxes.

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